We work with budgets of all sizes.  
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As Producers for your project, our services include:

  • Budget Breakdown and Tracking

  • Script Breakdown and Consultation (Story Development and/or Logistical Analysis)

  • Schedule Breakdown and Tracking

  • Permitting

  • Crew Staffing/Negotiations

  • Equipment Rentals (Production, Camera, Grip, Electric, Stunts)

  • Meal and Transportation Arrangements

  • Compensation for Cast and Crew

  • Union and Non-Union Contracts for Cast and Crew


Might & Main Media understands each project is unique in its challenges.
We are happy to negotiate the following services according to your film’s needs: 

  • Fundraising Consultation

  • Casting Services

  • Assistant Directing Staffing and Services

  • Wardrobe Supervising (Conceptualizing, Purchasing, Light Customizing, Returns)

  • Craft Services

  • Location Scouting/Coordinating/Management

  • Hair and Make-Up Supervising (Conceptualizing, Light Customizing, Continuity)

  • Post Production Consultation-Post Production Coordinating